Nitsy Pixies | Magical Cure for Nits

The perfect natural, fast acting removal of head lice and nits. We know that head lice and nits are a real problem, so with over 25 years hairdressing experince we crafted the perfect product to help get rid of head lice and nits fast! Our treatment forumals are the exact same that we use in the salon. Guaranteed to work everytimg.

  • 100% Natural

  • Cruelty Free

  • Chemical Free

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  • Emma | Wellington

    "Hi Lisa, your product is so wonderful, I only just used it a month ago on my daughter and she is now nit free. 


    I couldn't believe how great your product works, it got rid of the smallest of nits that had just hatched and she is no longer scratching her head all the time. I also used it on myself as I caught the nits too! And it is so great knowing that they are finally gone! 


    The bonus is the size of the bottle and is still lots left for any future use." 

  • Fiona | Eastbourne

    "Having tried over a period of several months (unsuccessfully) to get rid of my daughter's headlice via over the counter remedies, I went to Nitsy Pixies in desperation. 


    She had 2 oil treatments which were pleasant, pain-free and the scent was beautiful. 


    Lisa was very thorough in making sure no single louse remained in her hair. If they come back, I will definitely be phoning her to make an appointment. 


    Would highly recommend her treatments." 

  • Samantha | Wellington

    "I have found this product the easiest and most pleasant to use out of all the products I have ever used. 


    I do try to treat my children once a week as they do continue to come home with more despite what I do but this one is very easy and smells better than any commercial products.


    It is also so easy to get the comb through too - most of the commercial products you can't even get the comb through after you finish treatment." 

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